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Account development tips for brokers

Our series of tips for Select Brokers® highlights opportunities to help grow your customer accounts.

Companies operate in a constantly changing environment. And almost every change can become an opportunity to discuss risk management and insurance needs. The key is to focus on what customers and their organizations are experiencing.

Broker tip turn failure into success
How to turn your setbacks into a strategy for success

Selling involves continuous rejection. It’s what you do when you don’t close a sale that can...

broker explaining quote
Boost your business reputation by extending a helping hand

Finding ways to help other people can provide personal satisfaction and may also help advance your...

woman looking at computer screen
Three ways to maximize the impact of your holiday greeting

Holiday greetings can be generic, predictable and forgettable. Take the time to craft a memorable...

three people meeting
Winning the name game is key to building relationships

In our increasingly diverse world, first names are not always simple. Getting them right should be...

man and woman walking in office
Romancing the sale: 6 steps to optimizing your sales pitch

Not sure how to approach a prospective buyer or what your next business move should be? Asking...

broker and client shaking hands
Taking clients for granted is a common and risky habit

Even satisfied clients require consistent attention. Here's how to keep improving your relationship.

office handshake
Building rapport with clients means getting down to business

Traditional approaches to building business relationships may be wearing thin. Consider taking a...

two men talking
Admitting your mistakes is crucial step in crisis management

How you address and react to professional mistakes can have a major impact in your relationships...