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We provide insurance and superior services through leading agents to help protect America's farmers and ranchers.

Mike Day, Business Head of RCIS

Crop insurance solutions

RCIS, Zurich’s newest business segment, strives to cultivate strong relationships with crop insurance agents and agricultural producers across the nation. As a leading crop insurance provider and an Approved Insurance Provider (AIP) through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), RCIS offers insurance protection in all 50 states through a national network of approximately 3,800 professionally trained and licensed agents.


RCIS can insure more than 130 different crops through a broad portfolio of products, including hail, named peril, supplemental and stand-alone insurance products, as well as multi-peril insurance policies available through the USDA's Risk Management Agency. Additionally, RCIS offers a suite of technology and service solutions that helps agents, farmers and team members simplify communication and work together more effectively. 

Solutions and services offered through RCIS

Federal programs

Private products

Agent tools

Producer services

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Mike Day

Mike Day

Business Head of RCIS

Mike Day is responsible for the overall direction and strategic planning for RCIS...

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