Construction risk management

Industry leaders need on-demand advice that is flexible and tailored to the project at hand. Gain access to one of the industry-leading tools and services from a trusted resource. Zurich’s broad range of insurance offerings comes with access to a comprehensive archive of industry knowledge that helps you stay ahead of risk from project to project.

Why Zurich?

Zurich has a global network of specialists with construction expertise who can offer on-demand consultation. Our risk engineers can evaluate your business and customize solutions that are best suited for your projects. Zurich goes beyond traditional insurance offerings to help minimize your exposures.


Construction risk management services

Worker health and safety

Improved worker safety benefits your business by enabling an effective workforce, thereby potentially lowering costs. Help protect your employees from the specific hazards of the construction industry. Zurich’s Risk Engineering professionals can help you create safety management solutions designed around your company or project. Zurich’s primary safety management programs include:

Quality management

In the construction industry, maintaining equipment and reviewing quality of work can be simple but effective ways to accomplish an exceptional final result. There are a variety of quality control measures your business can implement to help improve risk management. Zurich’s quality management program identifies cost-effective prevention measures and best-practice techniques designed to help reduce losses associated with construction-defect claims.

* Predictive Solutions is not a subsidiary or affiliate of Zurich and use of their products and services are independent of, and not included within, Zurich’s products or services.

Subcontractor management

Zurich offers subcontractor default insurance programs designed to help meet the needs of construction companies with annual subcontract volume of more than $75 million; including general building contractors, at-risk construction managers and design-build firms. 

  • Subcontractor Prequalification Best Practices
  • Subguard Due Diligence
  • Subguard Schedule Enhancement Solutions (SES)

Fleet management

Fleet management provides products and services to help you address the exposures that contribute to the high number of auto accidents and fatalities among construction workers.  

Protection of public and property

Protection of the public – Zurich can help you recognize and proactively respond to potential hazards to the public from your construction project. Our concise training presentation aims to help you understand the requirements of ANSI Standard A10.34-2001 (Protection of the Public or Adjacent to Construction Sites) and how to implement it. The training also covers how to prepare a public hazard control plan (PHCP).

  • Accident/Incident Investigation
  • Construction Jobsite Security
  • Cranes and Heavy Equipment
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Fire Protection Impairment Program
  • Guide to Hurricane Emergency Action Plans
  • Preventing Fires in Buildings under Construction or Renovation
  • Protection of the Public Plan
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Water Infiltration and Mold Prevention Strategies for Contractors

Enterprise risk management

Enterprise risk management (ERM) helps you better uncover and manage your business challenges, including operations and procedures, management styles and strategies, industry issues and emerging risks.

  • Cyber Risk Analysis
  • Project Lifecycle Solutions (including IPD, PPP, BTO)
  • Total Risk Profiling (TRP)
  • Supply Chain Risk Assessment and Insurance
  • The Zurich Risk Room
  • Zurich X-ray

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