Equipment breakdown

As one of the largest and most experienced providers of Equipment Breakdown Insurance, Zurich delivers capacity and coverage that pick up where traditional property insurance leaves off. Backed by a specialized team of risk engineers, Zurich has both the experience and knowledge to handle equipment breakdown exposures spanning industries, occupancies, and types of machinery.

From boilers and pressure vessels to production machinery, electrical apparatus, computers, office equipment, and more, breakdowns can cause serious business interruptions, which in turn can mean lost production, lost income and the potential for damaged customer relationships. 

Industry-leading capacity, flexibility, and service

Zurich Equipment Breakdown Insurance offers:

  • Capacity among the highest currently available

  • Flexible programs with tailored solutions - Can be included as part of a Zurich Property program or sold on a monoline basis integrated with property written by another carrier

  • Competitive support - provided on a primary or excess basis for layered or quota-share risks, as well as facultative support for other property markets

  • Broad coverage - for everything from boilers and critical production machinery to HVAC, miscellaneous electrical apparatus, and more

  • Seasoned equipment breakdown underwriting teams - with local decision-making authority, dedicated to providing effective communication and ongoing relationship management to provide access to services and resources

  • A global network of more than 900 risk engineers - 

    including many with direct, prior experience in the industries they now serve:

    • Nationwide team of National Board Commissioned boiler and pressure vessel inspectors strategically positioned throughout the U.S. to respond quickly to our customer needs
    • Industry-leading timeliness in performing required jurisdictional inspections
    • Specialized services including infrared testing, transformer oil analysis, combustion safety control testing, boiler safety management training and more
  • A global team of more than 8,000 claims professionals - including specialists in the handling of Equipment Breakdown claims

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