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Recent updates

Zurich provides the strength and support for transportation business of all sizes and geographic reach, including:

Commercial and specialty auto

  • Are you aware that not all vehicle navigation systems are the same? Choosing the right system for your type of vehicle will avoid being on a road not designed for your vehicle like low bridges & hazmat routes. Read the FMCSA information page including a visor guide for buses & trucks.

  • Distracted Driving: New Risk Topic

  • New safety and compliance management tools from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The agency has released new materials used by agency safety investigators during onsite visits to help motor carriers identify and address their safety and compliance efforts, especially designed to address CSA BASIC category improvement. Access a fact sheet and many other materials.

  • Hazardous materials transport 

Education and training

  • Driver's Hazardous Material Transport Safety Guide

  • Manager’s Hazardous Material Transport Safety Guide

  • 10 4 Defense for Business Auto – a mastery based course to improve driving skills and overcome at risk driving habits of drivers of passenger cars and light duty vehicles.

  • 10 4 Defense for Commercial Vehicles – a mastery based course to improve driving skills and overcome at risk driving habits for drivers of medium and heavy duty trucks and truck-tractors.

  • Slip, trip and fall prevention – Zurich’s online resource about slip, trip and fall hazards and prevention measures including two free video presentations.

  • US DOT distracted driving resources – provides a variety of materials to promote public awareness of the dangers of distracted driving and provide resources to identify distracted driving and educate drivers.

  • Zurich customer Virtual Literature Rack (VLR) The Zurich VLR gives users the information they need 24/7 - at the click of a mouse (following a simple, one time registration). A drop-down menu organizes all documents on the Zurich VLR into sub-categories, each populated with a variety of brochures and fact sheets.

  • ERI Safety Videos – DVD rental service with an extensive library of safety and health courses, special Zurich customer discounts. The benefits for customers include:
    • Monthly rental per video is $35
    • Yearly rental per video is $45

    Follow the ordering procedure listed in the 2016 ERI safety video catalog:

  • TrainFirst Online Training – provides more than 300 safety and health online streaming videos offering special Zurich customer pricing, with options for Learning Management Systems
  • Virtual Risk Manager – Fleet, helping businesses operate and control their fleet operations safely 

ETools and telematics

Technology on the roll: Check out our new telematics offering at Transportation Programs Resources. Here are some of the new articles and materials you will find:


  • Risk Insights: Telematics for fleets: Zurich provides customers information about telematics for small fleets.

Government, industry and research

A new study from the US DOT reveals strong evidence indicating a regulated driver hiring tool the Pre-employment Screening program, can reduce crashes for many transportation companies. Click below to access a brief summary of the results of the study and a link to the PSP website.


Hazardous materials transport

  • Driver's Hazardous Material Transport Safety Guide

  • Manager’s Hazardous Material Transport Safety Guide

  • Propane Training and Research Council provides training and information for industry and consumers on safe handling and storage. The website offers training & research provided by propane professionals to help us guide & support the industry's efforts to build & maintain high public confidence in propane’s safety & value.

  • Installing & servicing Propane storage tanks The US Chemical Safety Board's investigation of a convenience store explosion in 2007 is explained though an educational video concerning unsafe installation procedures for propane storage tanks. Learn how such a serious explosion that caused 4 deaths & 5 serious injuries can happen when propane gas is involved. View the video

Public livery

  • DOT OFFICE OF DRUG AND ALCOHOL POLICY AND COMPLIANCE NOTICE The agency has issued a strong compliance notice concerning recently passed state initiatives regarding recreational use of marijuana. The notice was issued to counter some news reports indicating regulated safety sensitive transportation employees could be impacted by these new laws.  Read the entire notice on the FMCSA's website


  • CSA’s Data Trail sheds light on FMCSA’s safety enforcement program Commercial Carrier Journal officially launched a new website providing a deep dive into CSA information and impact on operations, CSA’s Data Trail.